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Your health, Livecast365, and a business that might suit you…

As you know, the Livecast365 team is in the process of building the first channel for everyone – time consuming, but you get exactly what you want…

…and here’s one of the recent website / channel additions: Uforia Science.

The startup company behind it is ÜFORIA Science, based in Washington, Utah. They’ve gone to great lengths to custom-create supplements and nutrition that relies on science and your DNA analyses for the optimal match.

OK, this is quite unique and cool, but why is Uforia Science important to you? 3 reasons…

Compared to the diet of our grandparents, today’s food is badly depleted of nutrients, due to modern intensive agricultural methods. Without supplements, our deficient diets may result in all sorts of health problems as we age.

However, it is next to impossible to find either the diet or the supplements that would suit everyone. One-size-fits-all does not work because we’re individually very different, and what works for one person can be of no benefit whatsoever to another.

Uforia Science solves this by analyzing your DNA, identifying the key markers, and then using them to match the nutrition and supplements to the unique and individual needs of your body.

The supplements market in US is HUGE. The Uforia Science business model relies on the word-of-mouth of the individuals using the product to recommend it to others, and to
benefit financially in the process – and in this regard, being part of the project this early (the product is available RIGHT NOW, and the TV channel is going live on 1st of January) opens up a wealth of opportunities.

Everything is fully integrated through Livecast365: the TV channel, website, subscribing, delivery, social media, etc. In the next few days I’ll be creating a diagram or two to show you how everything fits together, and how you can copy the entire model for yourself and for your clients – please stay tuned for more.

Meanwhile, have a look at the Uforia Science site, watch the video, and if you find the concept beneficial for your own health and that of others, join the project

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