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What is Ideal Niche for Your Own TV Channel?


What is the ideal niche for your own TV channel, the one to guarantee large audiences, command authority, and grace you with easy monetization?
One way to find out is to book an hour with a TV on-demand expert, at the going rate of about $500-$750…
…or, you can complete our  short but in-depth course to help you make this tough, far-reaching decision for your business.

Main Considerations

The rest of the “Ideal Niche for Your Own TV Channel” mini-course is available in the members’s area – simply sign up as our Rising Star member (it’s COMPLIMENTARY!) for an immediate access.

You’ll learn:

  • Lifetime audience value, per niche
  • Average monthly revenue per user, for different industries
  • Monthly views per user
  • How much new content do you need to supply each month to keep your viewers happy
  • Average length of videos appropriate for your niche,
  • …and a lot more!

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