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Videos that are COMPLETELY machine-made… fact or fiction?

For a while now I’ve been creating videos with the assistance of AI. Without a doubt you can easily create videos 10 times faster this way – but is it possible to outsource the ENTIRE video-creation task to AI?

This brings me back in time, when I was making a living as a professional chess player. I loved to play blindfold chess, whereby you are competing against multiple opponents at the same time, and you are blindfolded so that you cannot see any of the boards. It’s fun and it pays well. In 1989 I played blindfolded against 10 Leonardo chess computers, and OK, I lost one game, but I won 7 with 2 draws.

Had someone asked me back then if the moment would come when computers are better in chess than humans, I’d say, “Not in a million years!”

…and yet, 7 years later in 1996, world champion Garry Kasparov lost to Deep Blue, a computer which was, by today’s standards, a lame duck.

So, when it comes to creating videos, the question is not whether machines will be able to do it or not, but when.

…and the time is NOW!

The software that I’ve been testing is called YIVE and the videos it creates, completely on its own, are actually quite good. To see them and everything the software can do, go HERE 

Yive puts together videos in a number of different ways:

  • It creates videos from your RSS feeds for you
  • It creates videos from the keywords you specify
  • It creates videos from any URL for you
  • It creates Amazon Review videos for you
  • It creates videos in multiple languages for you
  • It creates videos from your own scripts for you
  • It creates multiple unique videos from a single script for you, and
  • It creates unique videos from one of your own videos.

This is all nice and well, but what is it that you can do with it? As it turns out, a lot:

  • Have automatic video creation and uploading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
  • Dominate any niche with thousands of videos
  • Drive traffic to your affiliate campaigns
  • Drive traffic to your ecommerce products
  • Drive traffic to your adsense blogs
  • Drive traffic to websites you flip
  • Drive traffic to websites you rent
  • Drive traffic for pay-per-action leads
  • Drive traffic to lead generation sites
  • Drive traffic to client websites
  • Dominate in many languages
  • Generate YouTube ad revenue
  • Build authority YouTube channels
  • Build your entire email list
  • Resell traffic to clients
  • Sell pre-roll ads to clients
  • Build video backlinks for website SEO, and
  • Build a full-time income from home.

One interesting aspect of the software is that it services multiple YouTube channels. It immediately occurred to me how one can use it for multiple overlapping niches. For example, if you have a channel for small-business marketing, and a more specialized channel like ‘affiliate marketing’. Yive seems perfect when you have channels that follow the organization of master categories, categories, and subcategories.

…but my friend Brian, who alerted me to Yive, took it one leap further. I was a little taken back when Brian told me he had 686 YouTube channels, and I really didn’t expect to hear what he said next:

“My goal for the next 2 months is to build 2000 channels, so I can upload 10,000 videos per month…
I want to quickly dominate the niches I target and build my own video empire, and the traffic-on-demand system.”

I hope your questions don’t revolve around, “why YouTube?”…because it’s a given.

The question is, “How do you automate something like this on such a grand scale?”

…and whether you have just one channel or a thousand, right now Yive is the best tool to create your instant video empire.
Check it out HERE 

Changes to YouTube on 28th of July 2020

An important change is about to hit YouTube, and it might affect your business.

Starting from 28th of July, YouTube will put be marking all videos uploaded from third party apps using one or more YouTube API’s, as private. These videos will not appear in search results, and get no views unless you’re the one driving the traffic.

What does it mean for you? If you’re using third-party YouTube apps or unloaders, you might want to switch to manual uploading, so that your videos get indexed and generate traffic.

Since YIVE both generates videos AND uploads them, I’ve reached out to developers to find out how their tools measure up. The authors assure me that unlike other video apps, YIVE does not use any of the YouTube API’s, and they expect no impact one way or another of the new rules.

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