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Segmented Stanza

Not so long ago, you’d stand out from the crowd just by having a video on your website. Times change quickly, and these days over 70% of ALL web traffic now comes from videos.

Regardless of whether you’re making sales videos, videos for your Roku TV channel, or other kinds, you need to stand out from the growing competition – if you want your videos to be traffic-pumping high-converting beasts, that is!

To help you out, I’ve devised the training that is largely based on my own experience…

…and to this aim, let’s start with the TITLE, the key to leaving the lasting first-time impression. The following is the proven recipe for great titles:

  1. Express your important benefit
  2. Make your video title simple and short (10-12 words), and
  3. Use strong, outrageous, almost unbelievable claims.

Also, having an important keyword as part of your title is a plus. It’s not essential though, thanks to the ongoing AI improvements. Do NOT base your video title on the keywords because this is no longer an important consideration.

Here’s a tip for review videos: ‘5 Top …’ / ‘5 Best …’ or ’10 Top …’ / ’10 Best …’ tend to generate LOTS of views.

Now for the SUBTITLE. It needs to expand on the title, or explain it / justify it, especially when your title is an outrageous claim.

With YouTube and Roku channels you can only have the title, which effectively turns your first description line into a subtitle – make it count.

Here’s an example from the site by Eben Pagan, aka David d’ Angelo:

  • Title: ‘Double Your Dating’
  • Subtitle: ‘Learn Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About Women and Dating’

For placing the title and the subtitle at the beginning of your video, animated Segmented Stanza works beautifully – it is captivating and only lasts few seconds.

This is a case when an example works much better than any textual explanation…

Segmented Stanza Animation Example

How to Create Segmented Stanza Animation

To create Segmented Stanza animation, I’ve used Easy Video Lab, but unfortunately this terrific piece of software has been discontinued.