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PREVIEW: image-follow-path animations with Easy Video Lab

For your sales videos, instructional videos and traffic-getting videos, image-follow-path animations greatly contribute to their quality and the viewers' satisfaction.

The fastest way to create an image-follow-path animation with Easy Video Lab:

  • Select or upload the image you'd like to use, and
  • Select one predefined path from the many templates available, and apply it.

OPTIONAL: if need be, adjust the duration of the effect to perfectly match your narrative.

Here's the preview of the new and improved way to create image-follow-path animations:

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NOTE: Right now, you can still secure and enjoy free Lifetime Upgrades when you get Easy Video Lab.
Get it now, do NOT wait for v2 to be released because the cost will go up and the licensing is about to change to pay-per-version.


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