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No-cost access to Success Maps – get clarity for your business strategies

Your, my and every other business depend on processes that are repeatable. For example, when we launch a product, conduct an email campaign, do a fire-sale, we rely on step-by-step procedures to get us through.

To get organized, years ago I started with FreeMind mind-mapping software (which is free), before switching to Mindjet MindManager Pro (which is somewhat expensive)…

…but when it comes to visualizing and creating business procedures and strategies, I find Success Maps indispensable.

It is a specialized online tool that gives you clarity. You also get to share your creations with your customers, either as a download or a link to an interactive online map.


Normally, ongoing access to an online tool of this caliber means paying a monthly fee of $47 or more, or making an one-off purchase of $499 or more…

…but knowing how hard the last few months have been, I’ve done my best to secure 50 licenses to give away to you and others in our community.

It’s a gift with no strings attached.

What happened? In just 2 hours, all 50 licenses have been snapped. So, I went back to Russell Deming and the CustomerMagnet team and obtained 100 more licenses.

If you missed it before, get SuccessMaps NOW, while there are still licenses available

Please keep in mind that software development, storage, bandwidth, support – all of it is an ongoing cost, so I don’t know if and when will I be giving free licenses again once this lot is gone.
Get it now, and obtain clarity for your business strategies and procedures

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