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New 3-in-1 Cutting Edge Scene and Graphic Design Studio

NOTE: SmartScene goes live on Wednesday 26th of August at 11am EST

With the focus on video-creation and a number of new tools that have been released lately, we should not forget how crucial illustrations and images are for your website, videos, products and services, social media campaigns, newsletters, and more.

Let’s face it graphic design is hard work, especially for people such as myself, with limited artistic ability. That’s why it is so refreshing to see the new studio-type software that lets you easily produce extraordinary graphic in no time.

It’s called SmartScene, and with it you can even start your own graphic design agency – it is that good!

Smartscene is a 3-in-1 design studio for creating engaging graphics, illustrations, and sketches,
without any prior design skills
. How does it work? Here is the demo:

SmartScene Features in Nutshell

SmartScene is an integrated online tool, nothing to install, which comes with an impressive list of features:

  • Photo Scene Creator
  • Illustrator Scene Creator
  • Sketch Scene Creator
  • 1,000+ Design Templates
  • 12,000 Customizable Illustration Elements
  • 8 MILLION HD Photos
  • 2 Million Curated Icons
  • Multi-Downloadable Formats (No Rendering)
  • The Ability To Edit SVG Files
  • Import Images From Web Pages
  • Automatic Smart Image Resizing For Various Social Networks
  • Powerful Image Editor (Start Your Design From Scratch)
  • All Your Images/Designs Backed Up In The Cloud
  • Total Cloud Based App
  • Multi Image Layer Support
  • …and a lot more!


SmartScene works beautifully with other software. Among other things, as a long-time user of Viddyoze, I am overjoyed that using SmartScene templates in Viddyoze is super-easy – here’s how:

Special Bonus

Having in mind that SmartScene is such a well-rounded and complete product, giving you the best bonus for it was not an easy task. My goal here is to give you something truly valuable that complements SmartScene, not something that would waste your dis space gathering digital dust.

…so here it is: Story Infographics

It is a set of 12 engaging templates designed for Story / History / Timeline illustrations that you can easily modify to suit your needs, and use in your own projects, as well as projects for your customers.

Getting Your License

The software comes with commercial rights, so you can generate income with the stunning graphics from the word go.

While I’ve always admired what Photoshop can do, its full benefits always eluded me – the learning curve is a steep one, and requires LOTS of time. By contrast, with its point-and-click simplicity, SmartScene does not have the learning curve to speak of.

Instead of starting from scratch, you select a template, edit it to your heart’s content,
and use one of the many ways to profit with it.

Right now, as an early adopter you get to snap Smartscene at a HUGE discount – no subscriptions, there is just a small one-off fee to pay.

SmartScene introductory pricing is only available during the launch – so act fast, check it out and get it now

Personally, I’d say it is one of the best investments for your
business, that you’ll be using all the time.

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