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Livecast365 Update: Sales Ideas and Revenue Streams

There’s a technology that has been in every home since the 50’s, the technology that everyone gives hours of their time to, every single day. I am talking about television, and the TV that we know is right now going through its biggest transformation since its inception.

That transformation is a shift, actually more than a shift – an exodus, from the fixed-time TV and cable TV to the TV on-demand streaming whereby people get the programs they want when they want them and when it’s convenient for them, without having to tune-up to the station at the fixed time.

How can you personally profit from this? Well, today you have the opportunity to become the owner of a public TV channel, alongside the giants such as Disney, Netflix or Hulu Plus – not to compete with them directly, but to claim the virtual monopoly in your niche. Or, create channels for your clients. Or, provide the video content for other people’s channels…

…there are actually more than 20 different ways to profit directly from the streaming revolution, that are all made possible thanks to the new Livecast365 platform, which launches on 2nd of December 2019, and below is the latest update.

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