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Live Stream System: How to Create, Connect and Sell via Webinars

As someone who’s been using Webinar Jam for years, now that the version 4 has been released I thought I’d share my personal experience with it.

Webinar Jam 4

First, about Webinar Jam itself…

I’ve started using it years ago, as a brainchild of Andy Jenkins. Sadly, he died last year of cancer. I loved his often self-deprecating humor, and the ease with which he was able to share his knowledge on video-making and on how to run webinars. I miss him dearly.

Last week my Webinar Jam account has been upgraded to the newly released version 4. In my view, even without this upgrade WJ has been the very best and incredibly reliable webinar platform. Over the years, only once I had to postpone my webinar, when they rolled out an upgrade that clashed with my browser cache. The support helped me get everything in order the same day, and from than on WJ has again been working flawlessly for me.

What I particularly like about version 4 is that you setup your entire webinar in literally no time at all, if you’re happy with the defaults.

At the same time, if you’d like to add more notifications, polls, or utilize the segmentation and other advanced features, it is easy to do so. For example, it’s a good idea to define a message for those who have seen your webinar but made no purchase, and a different one for those who left half-way through.
Analytics gives you the complete insight of everything going on before, after, and during your webinars.


3-part webinar training ‘Live Stream System

Second, the COMPLIMENTARY 3-part webinar training Live Stream System: How To Create, Connect And Sell Via Webinars has been most impressive. It gives you the complete blueprint start-to-end on how to structure your webinars, and how to scale for success.

Andy Jenkins was such a creative force, and matching the quality of his training was by no means an easy job. Jason Fladlien, the $100 million dollar webinar man, and AJ Roberts, chief revenue officer at Genesis Digital, did an excellent job with Live Stream System.

As someone who has been programming professionally since 1991 I am not easily impressed, but to Webinar Jam 4 I wholeheartedly give my vote of confidence.

Free 14-day Trial

It’s always good when you can thoroughly check things out without any monetary commitments. To check Webinar Jam, no strings attached, here’s the 14-day free trial

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