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Lifetime Account for UNLIMITED Messenger Broadcasts, SMS and Emails

Are your messages to Gmail addressees ending up in Social and Promotions folders?

My messages often are, and when it happens, they go unnoticed. For this reason, for a long time I’ve been looking for a better, more comprehensive way of reaching my audience…

…and I found it! The new Sendley cloud-based platform combines SMS, the Facebook Messenger, chat bots, and email, all under one roof, to let you reach your audience everywhere.

It’s an autoresponder / broadcasting system that:

  • Runs SMS, email, and FB messenger campaigns
  • Build your lists
  • Chats and engages, and
  • Sells for you.

See Sendley in action

Having a reliable communication channel with your audience is a must – but the deliverability and visibility of emails is not as good as in the past, and it’s not on the uptick. It is still important, but people check SMS messages and FB Messenger every 10 minutes…

…and not just check, but engage too – it’s hard to resist answering the ‘ding’ 🙂

When you run email+SMS+Messenger campaigns, your deliverability is close to 100%.

With the launch special, it’s a good idea to opt for the Agency license, no monthly fee for you, but you can charge other business by adding this service to your portfolio.

More info / get instant access to Sendley with all the bonuses

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