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How to Use AI-powered Natural-Sounding Text-to-Speech to Speed up Your Video Production

There’s no doubt that having text-to-speech gives a might boost to your video production – the results are almost instant, and the production costs are tiny…

…but up until now it’s been quite hard to find anything that is natural-sounding. Text-to-speech has been on my radar for a while, and this is the first time that I can recommend it without reservations.

What is different this time?

Amazon entered the game with Alexa (which sounds great and I use all the time), and Google followed with Wavenet, and now both Amazon and Google allow you to use their AI-powered, natural-sounding neural/wavenet text-to-speech engines through their development kits.

…and with the newly-released Voice Buddy, you have at your disposal both Amazon and Google engines at your disposal, with multiple voices to choose from, and the interface that converts text to speech in a matter of seconds.

To make use of the early-bird deal, I purchased Voice Buddy Standard, and immediately upgraded to the Pro version (which enables all the voices and removes the word-count limitations).

After playing with it, I love the natural-sounding wav audios, and I truly appreciate the ease of use – there’s no learning curve to speak of. It’s an excellent tool, and a worthy addition to your video-creation arsenal.

Check out Voice Buddy HERE

By the way, it also translates to a bunch of languages and then generates the audio files in these languages as well – I don’t know if I’ll use this feature or not, but it’s good to have it available 🙂

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