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How to Generate Leads WITHOUT an Opt-in

I just came across this incredible new strategy and technology...

Our old friend James Renouf, who was first to bring us retargeting and Alexa apps has an amazing new product, called Lead Vakuum.

If you can believe it, this process lets you get leads from any website without an opt-in!

Normally I would give you a complete overview of what it all entails, but I really just want to cut to the chase because
all you have to do is watch James carefully reveal this incredible new technology and his strategy behind it all.

So many people are excited when they can get a 50% conversion on an opt in page to a list with TONS of testing.

With the Lead Vakuum process they are getting 83.4% of visitors on a list WITHOUT any testing or an opt-in.

The people that get on the list love it! Those put on lists with the Lead Vakuum method are opting out less than the traditional way.

For me, it’s been such a pleasure to work with James, who alerted me to retargeting, Alexa apps, and Roku long before they’ve become mainstream. Let me tell you – I love having a head start 🙂

In short: after seeing Lead Vakuum in action, it is hard to think of a more effective way to get leads.

We are talking about two brand new lead strategies that no one is talking about in the marketing world.

Case Study #1: boatloads of leads from people going to the website WITHOUT doing any kind of opt in!

Case Study #2: scaling up using a second NEW paid traffic source.

Combining the two results in thousands of new leads.

>>> Check out Lead Vakuum HERE <<<

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