In the Spotlight

How to gain VISIBILITY and get NOTICED with pattern-interrupt video FX

Are you being noticed?

Fact: when you post to Instagram, you’re competing with 95 million other photos and videos that got posted today.
Fact: when you post to Facebook, you’re competing with 350 million other photos that got posted today.

The staggering amount of content being posted every single day is numbing people up to same-old style of photos.

What can you do RIGHT NOW, not just to get barely noticed, but to jump right in front of the queue?

This is what you can do: start creating pattern-interrupt media, by combining hybrid-animation, special effects, and interactivity.

…and the new software that makes it possible in a heartbeat, is called VideoFXPro – check out the demo below:

Here’s the first time I am using VideoFXPro:

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