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How to Create Stop-Motion Videos in Seconds

Stop-motion videos are always fun to watch, the viewers love them, and they're great for:

  • Illustrating a point
  • Showing the passage of time
  • Building the excitement

How do you create them? I got my hands on the early release of StopMotionCreator - and I'd love to share my experience with you in the video below:

Impressive? You bet! It takes only seconds to transform a very ordinary full-motion clip into a great stop-motion video!

StopMotionCreator is a terrific tool to have in your video-creation arsenal, and the early-bird bonuses you get with it are of equal value:

  1. Composer 2.0
  2. Screen Maker
  3. SC Video Editor
  4. GIF Animator
  5. Panorama Photo Stitcher
  6. 2D Animation Studio
  7. Easy Web Builder

See StopMotionCreator in action and get all the details HERE

Note: this is an advance preview - StopMotionCreator will be released on Sunday, January 20th at 10am EST.

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