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How to Create 2D and 3D Pixar-style Animations

Lately video-creation tools have been springing up like mushrooms after rain, but while they can do well a thing or two, it’s been hard to find something that stands out – which is why I am so excited today to share something new that I find spellbinding: CreateStudio.

Here are 4 things that I love about it:

#1 – Create Pixar-style 2D and 3D character videos
#2 – Create video ads and social videos
#3 – Create and edit green screen videos
#4 – Import and animate vector SVG images

Under a single user interface, it combines several tools, to make it easy to create videos, do video editing, and also make 2D and 3D Pixar-style character animations.

The quality of the timeline editor, templates, assets, and animation presets is second to none, and I love the simple drag-and-drop interface.

Teaser Video – Created with CreateStudio

4 Early Bird Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Client Booster Explainer Template

Bonus #2 – GreenScreen Kit

Bonus #3 – Client Questionnaire

Bonus #4 – Early Bird Pricing

As an early bird, you enjoy the Lifetime License for an one-off fee, with the discount of $130 (!)

CreateStudio runs on Windows and Mac, get the early adopter lifetime license ($130 off!)

It’s more than worth it.

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