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For your videos and posts: new AI-powered SEO and content creation tool

To help people in your niche with solutions, you need top-quality content, and lots of it – to this aim, I’ve been experimenting with AI-based content-creation tools.

After doing a research into AI-powered content creation, it is clear that it is impossible to create top-quality content that gives people solutions and goes viral, in a fully automated way, there’s no substitute for the human component…

…but if you use AI to assist you, with the right tool sky is the limit.

The AI-powered content tool that caught my eye is called Frase, the #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, and currently the subject of discussion in the Society11 forum.

I’ve started using it as a key component of my content creation – for my videos and my articles.

I know what you’re thinking: there are a ton of content tools out there, how is this one any different? There are several ways to use Frase, but one of the most important, but least appreciated, opportunities to improve SEO are question-driven search queries.

Frase helps you identify the exact questions people are asking in your niche, and create the best possible answer-focused content. In other words, they help give your content an edge over your competition by helping you research, generate, and optimize content capable of answering your audience’s questions.

2 Methods for Optimal Recognition

What do you do with the content you generate with Frase?

For one thing, Frase also pinpoints the location whereby the questions are being asked, and all you need to do is follow the supplied URL’s and provide the answers.

After that, use the same content:

  • For a post on your website
  • Newsletter to your subscribers
  • Q&A-based book
  • LinkedIn articles, and
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts.

This positions you as the expert in your industry, and there’s nothing better for building an audience than directly helping people resolve their problems. Add call-to-action to your content, and you’ve got it made.

Here’s the second method, that multiplies the effectiveness by a factor of 10: turn the textual content you generated with Frase into a video. People respond to a video a lot more than to a piece of text.

In addition, you now have something that you can add to your YouTube channel, and your TV channels on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

What is the best way to turn the Frase-generated text content into a video? Feed it to Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai) (free trial is available HERE), which does the following:

  • Automatically (using AI) breaks down the text into individual scenes
  • Highlights the action-carrying keywords and key-phrases in each scene
  • Finds the video clips and images to illustrate each scene
  • Lets you record the audio, or use automated text-to-speech
  • Puts the video clips, animates the images, provides the transitions, and
  • Outputs your freshly-rendered video.

In short, when it comes to content generation, Frase gives you both the speed and quality, I can’t recommend them enough. The best part? Try Frase for FREE HERE.
…and when you continue to use Frase after the trial, here’s the discount code for Dr Alex TV subscribers for 10% off the first 6 months (use it at the checkout):

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