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End this tough year on a HIGH note: done-for-you Video Hosting & Marketing Agency

2020 has been one tough year, we’ve all had friends and family members fall ill with covid, and experienced varying movement restrictions…
…and it’s a good idea to at least end this year on a HIGH note.

Starting your own Video Hosting & Marketing Agency is now absurdly easy with a new cloud app called ViidCloud [launches on Tuesday 29th of December at 11am EST].

It’s great for your clients’ HD training and sales videos on landing pages, blogs, and Shopify and membership sites.

Lots of extras are included, and the one that I truly appreciate is to convert the selected part of your video into an animated gif. Neat!
…and very relevant to getting the optimal click-through rates for your videos.

It works in 3 simple steps:

    Upload your and your clients’ videos at once to your dashboard. Automatic optimization allows your videos to load faster than ever from any browser.
    Customize the video player with built-in marketing tools within your videos. Add clickable affiliate links, forms and buy buttons inside the video.
    Pro-tip: Charge your clients EXTRA for each add-on!
  3. HOST
    Publish HD videos within seconds. Embed channels and playlists into landing pages and websites.

ViidCloud solve a number of issues that businesses are facing right now with their videos:

  • It keeps your client’s traffic in house, with 100% control of their videos and having ZERO outside commercials or recommendations inside their videos.
  • Video loading is lightning-fast for the best user experience, amplified by fantastic overlay animations to get the MAX number of clicks and engagement for your clients.
  • ViidCloud turns videos into an instant animated GIF, therefore SOLVING the auto-play issue, and more than doubling the number of views.
  • Help capture leads,  add call-to-action and integrate favorite Autoresponders and other marketing features to generate more leads and sales.
  • ViidCloud has built-in professional Business Landing Pages for a variety of enterprises – that you can sell directly to prospects.

Check it out HERE

Happy New Year and enjoy the Festive Season!

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