In the Spotlight

Do you have the best people in your corner, helping you in your quest?

When it comes to our projects and ultimately our place in the world, our peers, co-workers, mentors, friends and family, are of HUGE influence, for better or worse.

We all have a different lens through which we see the world, which in some is very dark and negative. Surrounding yourself with negativity can heavily weigh you down…

…but it is even worse when we fall victims to upbeat disinformation that is so rife in the IM circles, and has only one purpose: to get us to fork out the money.

It is therefore essential to be in the company of people of knowledge who support and help our vision – and thanks to the Internet, even if they’re on different sides of the planet, it is easy to stay connected 🙂

Dr Alex TV Facebook Group

For matters related to TV channels, video creation and editing, and video promotions, the Facebook group Dr Alex TV is there to help you, I founded the group, but it has since taken a life on its own, and you’ll find great discussions going.

Also, a number of members are super-users of the TV and video software and tools – and their advice is invaluable.


When it comes to Internet marketing, Society11 is one of the very few places you can trust.

Curt Crowley and Andie Brocklehurst are straight-shooters, with enormous experience, and the desire to help – a rare combination 🙂

Thanks to their advice:

  • I’ve lost count as to how many times I saved money after being warned about shiny but useless products that I was ready to buy. Yes, these days everyone offers money-back guarantees and zero-risk to you… but if you waste hours of your time in frustration, no-one can give them back to you – the trick is not to waste them in the first place.
  • Software and tools that I otherwise would know nothing about came to my attention. If you think of your business as a big puzzle, nothing helps you more to put pieces of the puzzle in place like those hidden gems.
  • When in doubt, I’ve been able to gain valuable insight. If you happen to be on the wrong path, the longer we stay on it, the harder it is to change direction.
  • Selling your own services on Society11 works like a charm – provided that:
    • You have something relevant and valuable to offer, and
    • You’re prepared to give the members the best possible deal, that they cannot easily find elsewhere. By the way, this is one of the rules I happily copied when I founded Dr Alex TV group 🙂
  • For my own launches I have over 1,000 affiliates on my list, 82 of whom are JV stars with over 1,000 sales on JVZoo – and many of them come from the Society11 ranks.

Join Society11 Facebook group HERE
…and if you already know enough about Society11 to want to be in the inner circle, plus with the access to the resources you don’t get elsewhere, apply HERE

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