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Best NO-COST and Paid Clip/Resource/Element Libraries for Your Videos

The quality of the videos that you and I create is largely determined by: a) our knowledge, b) the software we use, and c) libraries of video clips and images that we use for illustrating our points.

Personally, I enjoy using online video-creation software with built-in libraries…

…but I also use stand-alone editors such as Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve and Camtasia, in combination with stand-alone libraries.

Where do you find the best libraries to help you out?


When it comes to no-cost libraries, I find one particularly useful: the Toolkit with Animations, Presets, Overlays, Transitions and a number of other video elements and resources provided by Shutterstock.

If you decide to use it, here’s my piece of advice: don’t go overboard simply because you can. For example, one typical mistake that people new to video editing make, is use a different transition for each scene. One or two different transitions, consistently applied to all scenes, work much better.

To this aim, the no-cost toolkit above provides you with 9 different transitions, which is more than enough. Go through them, select one or two, and you’re all set.


There’s no shortage of common purpose paid libraries with the quality video resources.

I’d avoid the ones you download because they take up colossal amounts os space, and organizing them is a huge job. From the online ones, like to single out the newly released Media Cloud Pro, which comprises over 13 million media assets:

  • 7 Million+ Searchable Assets (Images, Graphics, Memes, Stickers, Icons)
  • 5 Million+ Searchable Stock Videos
  • 3000+ Editable Logo Templates
  • 4000+ Downloadable HD videos
  • 750+ 4K videos 500+ Motion Background Videos
  • 15000+ Vector Graphics
  • 8000+ Animated Gifs
  • 400+ Graphic Illustrations
  • 350+ E-book covers
  • 3000+ Stock Audios
  • 475+ Avatars (Gifs & Images)
  • 450+ Quote Images
  • 250+ Quote Videos
  • …and more.

In short, Media Cloud Pro gives you massive searchable media assets library of images, logos, icons, HD videos etc AND two live image editors to edit and customize images, graphics, and gif animations, and to edit your videos.

Right now, you get full LIFETIME access for a one-off low fee.

Definitely more than worth it, but without the ongoing subscriptions, the question is for how long will the service continue to operate?

While successful campaigns raise enough funds to keep operating for decades, what I like to do is look at the lifetime price and ask myself, "If this were the price for 5 years, would I buy it?"

…and in this case, the answer is a resounding YES!

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