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How to Auto-create Video Captions in Multiple Languages, and Drive-in Traffic

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Do you know that there is more than 85% of your targeted audience that isn’t really watching or understanding your videos?

2 reasons:

  1. In offices and public places, people often mute the video and read the captions
  2. If your videos are English-only, you’re missing on a huge international audience

Adding captions to your videos massively boosts both the size of your audience and the ranking of your videos.

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With ScriptReel you can target the 85% of traffic that you are missing out on, by automatically adding multi-lingual captions and subtitles, and also by translating your videos into different languages.

Here’s everything you get with ScriptReel:

1. Commercial License Included (create videos for clients)
2. Create & Translate up to 500 Videos per day
3. Upload & Translate Video Of Any Length
4. Automatically Create & Add Captions & Subtitles on your videos
5. Automatically Translate Captions & Subtitles to a different language
6. Automatically Translate the Audio of Video into Different Language Audio
7. Translate Your Captions into 100’s of different languages
8. Translate Your Video Audio into 17+ different languages
9. Cloud Based, Nothing to Install
10. No Monthly Payments

All you have to do is:

Step #1
Upload a video or enter any YouTube URL.

Step #2
ScriptReel extracts the audio from the video, converts it into auto captions and subtitles and automatically adds them to your video. Preview and edit or move to step 3.

Step #3
Translate the captions into a different language, or even Translate the caption into a different language, or even translate the audio from your video into a new language automatically!

Add captions and subtitles in your videos to make sure you reach EVERYONE in your audience and start getting more traffic, leads and sales.

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