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Amazon Echo – the Alexa Skills Publishing Opportunity

Here’s a fact: big multinational corporations have money, the law on their side, the politicians in their pocket, and HUGE legal teams ready to sue anyone and everyone who gets in their way.

These are all significant advantages.

…but there is one MAJOR advantage that you and I have over big corporations, and that is the ability to react fast. We can change our plans in a blink of eye, and take action immediately, without hesitation, and that’s how you take the full advantage of an opportunity when it comes your way.

For example, when James Renouf, the AI Revolution webinar presenter, identified creating Roku TV channels as the opportunity, I jumped on it immediately, and in 3 weeks I made more money than what I normally make in a year.

Watch the AI Revolution webinar replay below of this new, and the way I see it, much, much, MUCH bigger opportunity, to profit from AI in the rapidly expanding Amazon Alexa Skills market with next-to-no competition.

If you miss it, no doubt there will be other opportunities…

…but RECOGNIZING an opportunity when it presents itself has been, is, and always will be, one million times harder. Most people are able to see it only when it’s too late.

So here’s another fact to think about: when a new successful technology is introduced, the early adopters EASILY win 80% of the market, and the people in the second wave who outnumber early adopters 1,000 to 1 grab 15% of the market. EVERYBODY ELSE squabble to get the remaining 5%, which now requires heaps of effort, time and money.

In which group would you like to be?

Getting AI to work for you is HUGE, watch the webinar replay below


NOTE: the course served its purpose and is no longer available.
With new rapidly expanding technologies, being one of the early adopters is they key. People who got the course and started publishing Alexa skills using Storyline did exceptionally well.

After that many things changed, among them:

  • As predicted, Amazon launched the marketplace for Alexa skills. The early adopters were massively rewarded 🙂
  • Storyline morphed into “Invocable” – creating Alexa skills is still free, but now there’s a monthly fee if you want more advanced features.
  • The competition, which was non-existent in the early weeks, is now well-established.


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