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About DrAlex.TV

Dr Alex Davidovic
Author / Software Engineer / Chess Master

DrAlex.TV is a Roku TV channel, website and newsletter by Dr Alex Davidovic, a serial entrepreneur, educator and staunch supporter of fellow entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

Unlike huge multinational corporations, you and I can change the business direction in a heartbeat, to make use of the latest tech advances. That’s what Dr Alex’s newsletter is all about, and when you subscribe to it, you learn about his simple formula:

1. Choose the LIFESTYLE you want to have, and
2. Build the business to match it, using the latest cutting-edge opportunities.

Dr Alex Davidovic is the father of 3, an author and a web publisher.

Ever since completing his PhD in Computer and Information Science on the topic of adaptive tutoring systems, Dr Alex has been applying the results of his research to make learning complex concepts so easy that even children get to master them.

His book "Underdog Marketing: Enrich Your Reputation, Fashion Free Publicity and Wrestle Your Market Share from the Top Dogs" has helped thousands of people in the start-up phase of their business to become the media magnets, carve up their market share against the already established and cashed-up competitors, and lift their enterprises off the ground.

Over one million people use the software developed by Dr Alex and his company C Point Pty Ltd.
Dr Alex is also the author of the FAME (Fast Acoustic-guitar Mastery by Example)
set of books, used by over 30,000 students to learn to play guitar.

Another passion of Dr Alex is chess. He is an International Chess Master, who competed in two Chess Olympiads, in Manila (Philippines) in 1992 and Elista (Kalmykia) in 1998, playing the total of 20 games for the Australian team and only losing one, either winning or drawing all other games. Following Dr Alex’s teaching methods, many of his chess students achieved extraordinary results, including one World Champion under 20 and over 10 adult or age-group national champions.

If you want to learn about PRACTICAL ways to start or lift your business by using AI and cutting-edge tech without any coding, subscribe to Dr Alex’s newsletter – you’ll be glad you did!