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10 Necessities for Designing Premium Alexa Skills Experiences

When you start building Alexa skills, you quickly realize it’s VERY different from creating for the visual media.

As you build practical Alexa skills, you have the option of giving the customers additional content for a small fee. To promote your best qualities and ensure that the customers remember you, following certain procedures, like going through certification tests is a must. Here are a few tips on what to do before publishing your premium content…

  1. Lure Them in with Free Experience

You earn profits through the premium content. However, in order for the customers to make the final purchase, you need to have a skill that is inviting and engaging. The skill in question needs to have free content that makes the customer think that you are providing an amazing product free of charge. The premium experience is there to invoke the feeling of trust and joy, as your already fine product becomes even greater. Make sure that the benefits of the premium experience are carefully worded, so that the purchasers know exactly what they are getting when they sign up for your additional content.

  1. Consider the Benefits of Entitlements

These are a one-time deal, and they provide a whole new world of options now with a single purchase. There are no renewals – the features provided within the entitlement don’t run out, but stay with the customer for good. Subscriptions are slightly different, as they provide extra content for a period of time. The customers have the option of either renewing them or cancelling them.

  1. Let Amazon Handle the Purchasing

One thing to consider is that Amazon has your back throughout the purchasing process. Basically, Amazon is in charge of the purchase flow, listing the availability of products. Your call to action leads the consumers to the Amazon purchasing protocols.

They way this works is that you provide an upgrade to their account without which certain parts of the skill remain unavailable.

Think of it as an extra level of a game or chapter of a story – it isn’t absolutely vital, but it does enrich the experience. You perform a check to find out whether the consumers are already entitled. If this is not the case, offer the option as an upsell. Amazon takes over and provides them with a price and completes the flow.

Another thing to consider is the customers’ own initiative when it comes to making a purchase. When the consumer asks aloud “What can I buy?”, followed by “I want to buy {ProductName}”, your skill registers this and makes a call to start the purchase flow for the product. It is a good idea to avoid listing the price in the product itself, as the consumers will receive the price from Amazon, with and without discounts that may apply. To set the price, simply list it, and receive 70% of that price as profit.

  1. Keep Your Promises

When you buy something, you are able to use it right away. As long as the skill is active, the entitlements must provide the same service. Subscriptions should remain as long as the fee is honored. If an offer is rejected, don’t pitch it again for a while. When the customer starts the purchase, follow the protocol. Allow the customer the luxury of being able to cancel purchases by voice. All of these are vital, as they stand for your customer service and overall integrity.

  1. Make Your Offer Easy to Locate

Your skill could be one that offers additional options, and, if so, it may be a good idea to include an option that lists your products. This gives the customers quick and easy access to what you have to offer. Help messages should also include a call to action, reminding the customers that there are options that they have still not explored. Furthermore, you could make an offer within the skill itself – something along the lines of: “Congratulations! You have unlocked {a consumable option within the skill}. Would you like to unlock {better option}? Learn more here.”

  1. Allow Your Product to Make Life Easier

When offering your product, consider that you are giving the customer a solution to their problem, not an unnecessary luxury. Simply suggest the product, and don’t push for the sale if they decline. If you don’t offer another product, it shows that you respect their wishes. There is nothing wrong with taking your time while making an offer.

  1. Award Loyalty

A simple way to create a call to action, or an offer that is hard to refuse, is to give away something that is normally available only to premium users. This is a great marketing strategy generally speaking, and Alexa skills are no exception. The idea is that the customers who are loyal get rewarded for that feel-good about themselves. Make a call to action as their reward runs out if it’s a subscription, or immediately in case of an entitlement.

  1. Customer Service

Here is where Amazon comes through for you again. There is no need to get technical. You only need to provide additional help for the skill itself. Be patient and courteous. We are not saying that the customer is always right. We are saying that they should feel that you believe that is the case.

  1. Make it Worth Their While

Promote your skill as something that should be used again and again. Give customers incentives in the form of weekly or daily rewards. Experiment with different offers and see which ones are the most suitable and attractive. You can view the stats of your skill and products on the Measure Skill Usage page.

  1. Certification

Certification is an absolute must. In order for everything to go smoothly, you should provide the testing team with detailed instructions, so that they understand fully how to access your product, and what each upgrade entails. As stated before, don’t list the price on your product within the description.

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